Maine, Day Two

So I know I shared the photos from day one of our Maine adventure here , which consisted of Portland, Maine (check it out if you haven’t!)  but I also wanted to post the ones from our second day. This one was probably my favorite day of the entire trip because we made our way to the beautiful, Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. I had visited this park about ten or so years ago when we took a family vacation to Maine, but it wasn’t until this go-around that I recognized all of the astounding beauty this hidden gem bestows.

But before we could hit the park, we made a pitstop to a recommended bakery. It was there we found ourselves stuffing our faces with, yep, more homemade sticky buns (don’t worry, we shared!)




I cannot even begin to describe the scenery our eyes were able to take in. Every single angle was a picture-perfect panoramic view. From the boats resting out on the harbor, to the fall foliage gracing over the mountains, it was all so beautiful and captivating.




Then, all of a sudden when we decided to take a quick break to stretch, we ended up finding a private beach in the park. I can still remember the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. It was all so peaceful and relaxing. And with the sun beaming down to warm up the sand, we decided to sit and stay for a bit. Because hey, when else do you get the chance to have a beach all to yourself!







After spending the day exploring Acadia and Bar Harbor, we made our way down to Camden, Maine, where we stayed at the sweetest looking bed & breakfast called The Hartstone Inn. The staff there were all so welcoming, and even served quite a tasty happy hour!


Not to mention the breakfast served the next morning. Pumpkin waffles with cumin-spiced bacon. Yeah, my mouth was watering too!


Before hitting the road for our last day in Maine, we took a little time to walk around the quaint, small town of Camden. It was such a charming, vibrant town. One that was hard pack up and say goodbye to. You know, if I lived here,  I don’t think these harbors would ever become old to my eyes. Such a peaceful place for the mind & soul.


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