Maine, Day One

I’m so excited to finally have some time to post photos from our most recent road-trip to Maine. It still kind of blows my mind that this trip has come and gone. However, it was one of those much-needed mini vacations. While we didn’t have much time, and a lot of that was spent driving, every minute of scenic views made it all worth it.

I definitely believe in the saying, “you never know what you have until it’s gone.” I think one of the hardest things about living in New York is the whole no-car-only-subway part. I remember being so ready to sell my car and move up here, and now Derek and I find ourselves becoming giddy at the idea of a simple car ride. While I’ve gotten used to being packed into a subway car like a can of sardines, it’s definitely not my idea of a joy ride.

That said, our mini getaway to Maine was just perfect. And I’m so excited to share the images with you all! I bet you’ll think I went a little photo-frenzy, especially since I have so many, I’ve decided to spread them all out amongst several posts.  But you know, I just couldn’t help it when every minute of the trip was so picturesque.


As soon as we clocked out for the week, Derek and I met at Grand Central Station and took the train to Connecticut where we rented our car (Lesson #1: so much cheaper than renting from it from within the city!)

Before beginning our journey, we fueled up with a delicious breakfast. I’ve never seen a hotel spread like this, but the Hilton sure did know how to serve a feast! As you can tell, I was in fruit heaven.




First thing on the agenda: scarfing down a lobster roll. And this one we got from Two Lights Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, was unbeatable!


Of course we made it our mission to try almost every bakery in Portland.


Hence this homemade sticky bun from The Standard Baking Co.


Then, we randomly found a wine shop with two-for-one tastings! Their apple wine was to die for.


After explaining to a lady we were only in town for a day, she told us we just had to try the donuts at The Holy Donut. So of course that’s what we did next.



There were so many cute, authentic lobster shacks right on the water. This made for a very tough decision when deciding where we should eat dinner that first night.


One of the best moments of the entire trip had to be watching Derek attempt to crack and eat a lobster. Neither of us had any idea even where to begin. It was kind of a lost cause. I’ll go ahead and admit that after this picture, we opted for pizza instead!



Portland had to have had one of the prettiest, most picture-perfect sunsets I’ve ever seen. The way the setting sun was lighting up the water and filling the sky with bolts of dreamy pinks and dusty yellows was just breathtaking. In that moment, you just couldn’t help but be still, and watch what was before your eyes. Because in that moment, nothing else mattered.

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