Bike Riding in Central Park

Sunday morning was an early one, but with good reason. Derek and I woke up at the crack of dawn to make our way to Central Park for a much anticipated bike ride. I’m sure you’re wondering why we’d wake up so early for bike riding, when that’s an activity you can do at any time of the day. Well, good question: We wanted to beat the crowd and enjoy the park without the flood of people rolling in.

Fortunately, we made the right decision. The park was still so quiet when we arrived. Not a mob of people in sight…This was just the way we had hoped for.





There’s not a single season where I don’t find Central Park enchanting. I remember back in the summer when we ventured to the Boathouse for brunch. And I thought that was my favorite time to stroll through the park.

Yet, I must admit, nothing compares to Central Park in the fall!  From the cool, crisp air to the golden hues in the leaves falling from the trees, it was truly magical. Breathtaking really.




With the nippiness in the air, mother nature was definitely making it clear it’s now time to start bringing out the scarves and sweaters. There was one part of the ride where I even regretted not wearing gloves. Ah, I can only hope for a few more weeks of bearable fall weather! I don’t think I’m ready to bring out my puffer just yet. These NYC winters are just not my cup of tea — nor will they ever be.

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