Carnegie Hall

To celebrate his 25th birthday, Derek and I spent last Monday evening at the beautiful and beloved Carnegie Hall. We’ve always wanted to attend an event at this iconic venue, so we thought what better time than Derek’s big 2-5!

I still don’t know how we managed to get super cheap tickets for the Berliner Philharmoniker, but boy am I thankful we did. Now I know why this group of musicians is called one of the greatest orchestras in the world. I mean, what an amazing concert they put on!






Everything about the night was truly magical. During one of the last few minutes of the performance, I couldn’t help but sit at the edge of my seat and look around at all of the audience members taking everything in. The captivating sounds. The enchanting auditorium. For a moment there, it kind of all seemed like a dream.

It’s moments like these that makes me realize just how blessed we are to have so much true talent right at our fingertips while living in New York. Whether it’s shows on Broadway, at Lincoln Center, here at Carnegie Hall, or even the live street performances, there is so much culture in this city. While nights like this might just be ordinary to other NYC residents, I cannot help but feel so fortunate to have these opportunities to experience New York to the fullest. It’s definitely times like this that brings to life all the magic New York bestows.

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