My Bridal Portraits

So now that I’ve managed to post Part One and Two of our wedding, I lastly wanted to share a few of the photographs taken during my bridal session with Blueberry Creative.

I have my mom to thank for these. I remember thinking over and over how there was not going to be enough time for us to squeeze in this session, with us living in NYC and all, but she was she was so keen on me having a portrait to display at the wedding. She kept telling saying if I didn’t have these photos taken, I would one day regret it. And just like everything else, she was right and I cannot thank her enough for being so persistent!

Looking back, this day was so just unbeatable. It was right in the middle of wedding craziness, so having the chance to take a breather and unwind with my mom and Claire as we spent the day in Wilmington was definitely much-needed and fully appreciated.

And to think all of that has come and gone, and Derek and I have now been married for officially three months. Sometimes I wish we could just freeze time for a little bit!

Anyways, hope you enjoy!












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