Alice in Wonderland / Lincoln Center

When we bought tickets several weeks ago for the Alice in Wonderland performance at Lincoln Center, Derek and I didn’t really know what to expect. We just knew we’d never seen a performance there, nor gone inside for that matter, and this seemed like the perfect excuse to check it out.

Needless to say, the show was magnificent. Truly beautiful. And coming someone who has never really been a fan of ballet, this performance did the trick, and forever changed my mind. From the beautiful stage sets and costumes, to the spirit of all the dancers combined with the live orchestra, it was above all else, breathtaking. Even Derek thoroughly enjoyed it. If I had to describe why I became so captivated with the show, I’d say because it was a true a celebration of the imagination. And because of that, it was worth every penny.







It had started raining by the time the show ended, but it didn’t matter much. In a way, the glistening of the rain on the sidewalks kind of made the streets a little more charming. Before heading back to Brooklyn, we decided to check out a bakery I’ve been reading so much about, Levain Bakery.

Basically this place is famous for it’s huge “drop” like cookies. And now we see why. We opted for the oatmeal raisin since Derek isn’t much of a fan of chocolate chip.  No lie, this had to be one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. While it had a crust-like outside, the inside was still so warm and doughy. Ah, I can taste it now. Probably for the best that there’s not a location where we live


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