Snippets of the Weekend

Just like all the others, this past weekend came and went. And it went by way too fast for my liking! However, it was another one for the books. I wanted to go ahead and share some snippets of what went down these last couple days.

Saturday morning, Derek and I had a darling little brunch at Freeman’s. This restaurant has to be one of the cutest places we’ve managed to find here so far. Luckily, we had heard about this brunch spot from friends, because since it’s tucked away in the heart of a tight-knit alley, there would be no way we would have found it otherwise!


The decor was so old school. Everything seemed to have such a vintage feel to it. And talk about the food. Words cannot describe how good these blueberry pancakes and cheesy grits were.



Once we had walked around some after brunch, we saw this little homemade ice-cream joint and decided to take a peek inside. This weekend was hands down the hottest of the summer (go figure!) so a scoop of coffee crunch on a freshly baked waffle cone sounded like paradise to me.



Since we had some time to kill before making our way to the Yankee Stadium, we stopped in Midtown to check out the NY Public Library. Hard to believe, but this was our third time trying to go to this place! The previous two times the library had been closed for private events. The third time was a charm.


Next up, we took a detour to check out the Central Park Conservatory Gardens. We both we absolutely blown away. These gardens were gorgeous. And there was plenty of shade for us to hide from the beaming sun.


And then we finally made our way to the game! While I’m not a big sports person myself, I’ll admit this was such a nice stadium!


While Saturday was basically spent exploring, Sunday was a bit more slow paced — meaning we spent the majority of the day hunting down antique shops! This was one of my favorites! Talk about a funny name.



And lastly, we finished the weekend off by chowing down at some food trucks. Ah, so so tasty!


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