Exploring The Upper East Side

I’m a little behind on posting, but I wanted to share these photos saved on my iPhone from when Derek and I explored more of the Upper East Side. While the spur-of-the-moment subway ride uptown was prompted by our cravings to try out Dough Loco, this afternoon turned out to be quite a scenic one.


We stopped by the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir first to take in magnificent views of the city’s skyline. And with such a clear and sunny sky shining above, the rays glistening onto the still water, this monumental site was truly breathtaking.

Afterwards, we made our way to the MET. Since we weren’t really in the mood to try and interpret the art displays, we quickly scurried past all the tourists and headed straight to the rooftop garden, which is hands down one of my most favorite views of the city.



When we left, Derek was convinced he just had to get a hotdog from the stand outside. While it wasn’t my idea since I am usually always against the thought of these things, I must admit, it was pretty tasty.



Finally, we finished the afternoon by taking a simple stroll through the park. It was one of those kind of days where you almost have to walk a little slower just to take everything in around you. With such busy days and long hours during the workweek, it was such a breath of fresh air not to really have any kind of agenda or any type of set plans. In a way, it was more about just letting the day, and all of our surroundings, lead us for once. And not so much us rushing to get from place to place.

So thank you, Central Park — for letting us slow down, take deeper breaths, and simply relish on the beauty of summer and sunshine.




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