I never imagined myself entering a store just for the purpose of washing my hands, but that’s exactly what happened after reading about Sabon in Soho.


I kept reading on several NYC blogs that this place was worth visiting, even if it was simply to wash your hands! So after persuading Derek, we made our way there. And yes, I definitely had luck on my hands when trying to convince him since this soap boutique was right across from the Chobani cafe (remember here).



As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the unparalleled aroma of oils and petals. Ah, I can still vividly remember the smell! This boutique had such an amazing, serene air about it.

It’s as if the sales associates had read our minds, because they instantly escorted us to the massive sink centering the store. We had so much fun testing out all of the scrubs, lotions and moisturizers. They all felt and smelt so so good, I just had to buy the vanilla-lavender hand cream to take home with us…and I’ve been using it ever since. I’m obsessed.



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