Kayaking on the Hudson

While walking along the waterfront recently in Tribeca, Derek and I stumbled upon some people kayaking in the Hudson River, and decided to walk a little closer and check it out. We had both been talking about that being something we’d like to do this summer, so it was kind of ironic when we noticed the “free kayaking” sign.




Although we only spent about 20 minutes in the water, it was still such a fun experience — and one with a killer view. Spontaneous activities like these are always my favorite, and I guess that’s why I love New York so much in the summer. You kind of never know what you might come across with ever corner you turn.




Thank you, New York — for these wonderful summer days. I don’t know where the humidity ran off to, but I’m definitely not complaining. And thank you so much to The Downtown Boathouse organization for putting on such a fun (FREE!) event all summer long!

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