Movies in Bryant Park

Let’s face it: we all dread Mondays. Think about it, after such a relaxing, two-day weekend of sleeping in way too late, no one really looks forward to the start of a new week. However, I must say, I was actually looking forward to this particular Monday.

Tonight was the showing of the old classic, The Karate Kid, in Bryant Park. So after work, I walked uptown a few blocks, and met Derek for this free movie screening. After tip-toeing my way around what seemed like thousands of spread-out blankets, I finally found him up closer to the front. With a little Trader Joe’s wine, some left-over sweets from this weekend, and of course some store-bought sushi, it actually turned out to be a pretty awesome picnic.





After catching up on each other’s day while waiting for the sun to set, it was such a relaxing couple of hours to just enjoy the open air, and truly watch the city turn from day to night.




For it to be such a simple night, this had to be one of my favorites so far. It was the kind that made me re-fall in love with the city. While life here can seem exhausting at times, it’s other special moments like this where I can truly sense the energy and magic this city encompasses. Yes, some days seem endless, and sometimes the streets seem a little too crowded, but then days like today make me realize just how blessed I am to have the opportunity to call this place my home.

While I know I won’t be here forever, it’s certainly nice to be here now.

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