Our Wedding Weekend!

I must say, although we spent so much energy throughout this last year planning for what we imagined our wedding to be like, nothing could have prepared me for what an epic weekend it turned out to be. And the fact that it has already come and gone still amazes me.

So many laughs. So many smiles. And so many unforgettable memories.

The weekend started early when my team at Kate Spade threw me a surprise Hawaiian themed bridal shower. With a piñata filled with more sweets than one could crave, and my favorite food and drinks (guacamole and mimosas of course!), I couldn’t get over how nice and thoughtful this gesture was. They’re the best, I tell you.


Having a few days in Southport to just relax and catch up with family and friends was honestly the best idea for the entire weekend. It was so refreshing to finally have time to just unwind, with no plans, and simply enjoy being all together once again. The more I’m away in New York, the more I appreciate these moments.











When the day of the wedding finally approached, it was one filled with both nerves and excitement (obviously!) I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of the friends and family who lent a helping hand for set up. The process went so smooth and everything looked even better than I had hoped for. I cannot even describe the feeling I felt when the vision I had for so long was finally coming alive. Everything looked absolutely beautiful.







And then there’s this picture below. While I haven’t received many pictures yet from the wedding, this one below has to be one of my favorites so far. After watching the forecast earlier in the afternoon, we all pretty much embraced the fact that there would probably be slight showers during the wedding. However, Derek and I were determined to have the outdoor ceremony we had dreamed about for over a year, and since we hadn’t taken the time to create a plan-B, we decided to just roll with whatever came our way. And while so many people would cringe at the thoughts of saying their vows in the rain, to us, it only made our wedding that more memorable. Isn’t it also good luck?!

Anyway, I love this picture below. Their expressions say it all! These girls just rolled with the punches, even if that meant they would become soaked in the rain. And for that, I love them… and every one else who stayed strong while letting Mother Nature take its course. But honestly, I wouldn’t trade our ceremony for anything. It’s not every day that one can say their first kiss was in the rain.


Click here to watch our wedding video.

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