Bachelorette Shenanigans

While it hasn’t been too long ago since my bachelorette weekend, I’m already having Nashville withdrawals. I had been looking forward to this weekend since last fall when all of my cousins and bridesmaids planned it, but man did those two days exceed any expectations I could have imagined. It meant so much to me to have everyone come together, in one place. Unfortunately, the older we get, the busier our schedules are becoming, so this particular weekend was truly memorable. And I couldn’t thank these eight ladies enough for making it one I’ll never forget remember!




I don’t know if we could have had more fun with these props we found in our hotel lobby. They pretty much made for some awesome pictures. And nonstop laughs!




And OMG at the food — From sweet-potato pancakes to ombre sangria and fried pickle chips. Thanks to Lindsey for letting us hit up all the local spots!



While these pictures don’t really do justice to the fun we had in those short 48 hours, they’re probably about the only ones that are really post-able!

But on a serious note, thank you so much ladies, for letting me have the absolute BEST bachelorette weekend ever. I can’t imagine how much thought and effort that went into making this Nashville excursion such a success, but you have no idea how much this all meant to me! I love you all and cannot wait to see you in just four short weeks (as well as the pictures from the scavenger hunt!!)


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