New York Lately

Life has been what’s seemed like a surreal whirlwind since my mom left from the city a few weeks ago. To put it lightly, I’ve been making that much-anticipated transition into the “real world.” As many of you already know, I was brought on board by the merchandising team at Kate Spade New York. And while I’m only three weeks into the job, I’ve been loving every second.

After spending so much time hoping and praying God would lead me to a company where I truly felt I belonged (we all know how vicious the fashion industry can be), I now know I couldn’t have chosen a better one myself. To work at a place where colored tights and sparkled heels are company standard, and where champagne and confetti are a daily norm, I finally feel inside my element and right at home. And to be welcomed into a team filled with so much creativity and positive energy, I truly feel blessed beyond words…

Not to mention my first day was also the company’s delayed holiday party – Talk about some first impressions! I’m honored to now be considered part of the Kate Spade team, especially at such an exciting time for the company. Now, I can finally say all those late nights studying and unpaid internships were worth the sacrifices made. This just goes to show once again, you never know where life will lead you. To think it was just one year ago I was making my way up to NYFW for the first time to help the MBMJ team. As for now, I’m ready for this new adventure.


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