Brunch at Sweet Chick

I’ve always been told New York’s the type of place where your taste buds do most of the talking. Simply put, whatever food combinations one could ever dream of, you can bet it’s offered somewhere within these city lines. And after recently visiting Sweet Chick in Williamsburg a few days ago, I’m now a believer of this philosophy.

Lately, it seemed as if I couldn’t escape the hype about chicken & waffles, so I figured the only logical thing to do was to try out these somewhat odd combo. Turns out, the meal was actually quite tasty. And so were the scrumptious shrimp & grits! With such a cool vibe and cozy atmosphere, Sweet Chick definitely made the afternoon unforgettable! By taking American comfort food and putting a fun twist on classic dishes, I now know why so many people rave about this Brooklyn hotspot!






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