2014: A Year for the Archives

With only a few more days left of 2014, I cannot help but reflect back upon this year, and all the changes that came with it. For starters, I became a true member of the “real world,” and quickly found out what is was like to move states away from home, trading in wide, open spaces for cramped city living.

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We’re Moving!

It’s official — we’re moving apartments, and I couldn’t be happier.

For months now, Derek and I have been talking (ok, more like dreaming!) about moving to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn called Park Slope. Ever since we first explored this area when I moved up about a year ago, it’s been calling our names.

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Brunch at Tiny’s

I had been reading about brunch at Tiny’s for some time now, and last weekend Derek and I finally had the chance to check this place out. As soon as we approached the street corner, I spotted this adorable pink building smushed in between two Tribeca sky scrapers. It instantly stole my heart. And that’s before we even stepped foot inside.

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The Best Hot Chocolate Ever

‘ve been told that the City Bakery has the best hot chocolate one will ever taste. So of course I had to go and take a sip for myself. I mean, it’d be a huge disgrace to my taste buds if I didn’t.

Needless to say, all those proclaimers were right. This thick, creamy, and extra chocolatey hot chocolate hit the spot. And that huge chunk of homemade marshmallow, well that was just the cherry on top!

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Holiday Markets, Christmas Trees & a Little Bit of Everything

Remember a while back when I couldn’t stop professing my love for autumn in the city, and basically swore up and down it just had to be my favorite time of the year here? Well, I was wrong. While I loved everything about spending days sitting on street benches watching the fiery golden leaves fall, and of course the brisk air during city walks, I have to admit, Christmas in the city takes the win.

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Birthday Love: I’m Feeling 24!

Somehow, within the blink of an eye it seems, I now find myself officially at the age of twenty-four. Gah, even writing that feels so weird! I know everyone says this, but seriously, how does time pass so quickly? I’m telling you, this birthday really did sneak up on me, but oh what an amazing day it was.

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