Finally, Graduation!

To think upon the fact I am now considered among the NC State Alum is rather strange. While my brain has been ready for this day to come for quite some time — with all those dreaded (oh so dreaded) papers, projects, and all-nighters — I’m not sure if my heart is entirely ready to let go. However, I know one thing’s for sure: these four and a half years have flown by within the blink of an eye!

To a certain extent, graduation kind of sprung up on me! This semester had passed so fast, it didn’t seem right to finally see “0 days” on my graduation countdown. Yet, I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Combining the congratulatory calls and texts with so many of my friends and family joining in on the celebration, I don’t think anyone could have removed the smile off my face that entire time.

Below are just a few of the million photos my mom managed to snap!








While I was shocked this day was finally here, the biggest surprise came when I noticed Derek in the row among my family members. For over a month, I had believed he was unable to take the time off of work since graduation was only one week before Christmas and he’d used all his vacation time during our Italy trip. And while I usually manage to somehow investigate and uncover any surprises my way, I honestly did not see this one coming. Yet when I saw him, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Thank you, Derek.


Yes, the fact I’m no longer a student is a feeling I’ll have to get used to. However, I couldn’t be more ready and excited to embark on all the adventures ahead: NYC in particular. And while I am proud of everything I accomplished over these last few years, there is no doubt this could be possible without the love and support from my family and friends. It is to them I owe all the credit to. I’ve come to realize just how precious and invaluable education is, and I feel so blessed to now call myself an official NCSU alumna.

And now, it’s time to tackle the real world.

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