Popping The Question

Five girls in a NYC studio apartment.

Ten sore, blistered feet.

One frustrated neighbor below.

Yet, a ton of unforgettable memories made.




The weekend started out at my all-time favorite brunch spot in Brooklyn, The Spot. With the unlimited mimosas, peanut-butter stuffed pancakes, french toast, and enough home-fries to feed an army, this was the best place to catch up with each other’s lives and just reminisce.

Heck, we enough got mimosas to go!


Although Bethany had to head back down south for a conference, the rest of the days were spent meandering around the streets of NYC. From Times Square and the naked cowboy, to Chelsea Market, the Highline, and other local spots, it was so much fun showing all of them my favorite little city treasures.




If nothing else, the one thing I’ve learned over the years is that good friends are truly rare, and these four are just that. And that’s why I was so excited/anxious/overjoyed to ask all of them if they’d join my sisters in being my bridesmaids, because without them, their laughs, and our memories, the day just wouldn’t be the same. So now since I’ve popped the question, it’s time to let the real festivities begin!

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