A Trapeze Class at Chelsea Piers

Adjusting would be the best word to describe me lately. From all the glamorous and glitzy life scenes being routinely depicted on TV, I’m beginning to realize that unless you have Serena van der Woodsen’s bank account or Samantha Jones’s ritzy, high-paying job, your daily life in this concrete jungle can be a bit rigorous.

From loitering around in the pits of the muggy subway stations, waiting continuously for a train, while wiping the dripping sweat off your face because it’s blistering hot outside, or the fact that you’re weighed down by your oversized bag you use to switch in and out of heels/flip-flops since it’s so much cheaper to walk than haul a cab, [ the only time I did that infamous wave was when I had six garment bags in my hand and Marie Claire’s corporate card in my other!] I’d be the first to admit that very few of days have been glamorous.

With two months here under my belt, I now know why people can describe these streets as dirty, cold [contrary to the temperatures], and even ruthless. There’s crowds. It’s cramped. It’s loud. Many people are obnoxious, and there’s hardly any of that “southern charm” I’m used to. So, I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s my desire to stay?


As hard as it may be to believe, the answer is days like the one pictured above. When Derek and I signed up for a trapeze class at the Trapeze School of New York a while back, I thought it’d be a great way to see the city from above, and of course, the fact I’ve never done it before.

Yet as I stood shaking on top of the platform grasping the trapeze bar tightly in front of me, I had the Empire State building behind me and the Statue of Liberty standing tall in my peripheral view. With so many monumental buildings surrounding me, I re-realized just why I love New York and why it is such an enchanting and spectacular place to be. It was this experience that made me aware of how much this city truly encompasses. Here, the impossible is possible. Here, one’s imagination becomes realistic dreams.

And to think all I needed was a little trapeze adventure to get me back into the right mindset!



While I have learned to put up with and tolerate many more things than I once did back in NC, I’m learning so much more about who I am as a person the more I walk these streets. Yes, I do still have my off days here and there, but I’m so thankful to have these new experiences, such as this one, to make me feel rejuvenated, and more importunately…alive! It’s so easy to simply get sucked into your daily routine where everything becomes monotonous and stale. Yet that’s when you just have to jump!

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