Florence & Pisa, Italy

After saying our goodbyes to the one-and-only Venice, Derek and I hauled our monstrous backpacks onto the train and headed south to a city just as enchanting, Florence. Known as the cradle of art and culture, this city once again took my breath away. I’m not sure if it was the astounding architecture or the hospitable Florentine residents that made our two short days so memorable.

After meandering through one of the many farmers’ markets, Derek and I toured the famous Duomo. This historic masterpiece was definitely a beauty. Of course afterwards we had to make our daily gelato stop…and then just like every other day around lunch, scurried away in search of an Italian cafe to cure our pizza cravings. No matter which city we were in, we were certain about three things: we had to try the pizza, gelato, and coffee to decide which had the best. Yes I know, we just have the best priorities!

The real charm in Florence was taking the time to walk around the heart of the city in order to soak up all the beautiful sites and architecture. What made this city even more magical for me was making the climb up to Piazzale Michelangelo to watch the sunset. The magnificent view we had overlooking the entire city with the Tuscan hills serving as a backdrop will forever be stamped in my mind.














For photos of Capri click here. And for photos from Venice, click here.

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