New Orleans, Louisiana

Every now and then, a truly powerful pinch me moment completely consumes you, allowing your mind to forget everything except the captivating level of excitement that runs through your body.  It was this exact feeling I experienced as soon as we crossed the state line of home-sweet-home North Carolina.  When that moment came, it was like a sudden flash of memories hit me all at once.  After exactly one month, we had made it home.

What’s mind-blowing is that just 72 hours earlier, we had just arrived in New Orleans.  Just like any other place, we were determined to experience everything fabulous this city had to offer.  So, we soon  found ourselves serenaded by the music of authentic jazz in New Orleans and making our way down the charming streets of the French Quarter.  After scraping the powder sugar off of our faces from the beignets at Cafe du Monde and racing against the rain back to our Bed & Breakfast, we were once again packing our mounds of things to stuff into the Jeep one more time in order to make our way up North.

And like a blink of the eye, we made it back.  Combining 31 days, 8500 miles, and too many photos to count, we made one trip of a lifetime.  Even though it was agonizing to log-on and take a one-eyed look at my bank account, I would never trade all of the money in the world to do anything different.

The greatest thing I got from this trip (besides a mountain of memories) was inspiration.  Taking in all of the beauty from each State we passed, whether it was through the window or on foot, was truly inspiring.  I have always had a dream of traveling the world, but I sincerely am grateful for being able to start that journey right in my home country…and I couldn’t have picked a better person to enjoy the ride with me.  This was one experience I will never forget.






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