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I write to you today from a lake here in Southern Colorado.  The day is rapidly approaching sunset on this brisk young evening; however, that is about the only thing catching speed around here.  Yet, as I just sit here gazing out onto the slow-moving water, I can’t help but do nothing except close my eyes and try to just forever sketch this nook of nature in my mind.

As I sit here allowing time to just slip on by, I find my mind escaping to all of the different places I have explored in just the last week.  Honestly, I guess that is the true magic of this trip.  One day you find yourself bogged down in LA traffic with no amount of space to spare, while on the next, you have nothing standing in your way except a breathtaking lake surrounded by a mesmerizing mountain chain.

Thinking back to the evening of last Sunday triggers all the memories that were made in just 48 short hours.  Since we had such a small time frame, we tried to maximize our days with both touristy attractions and local voyages.  I enjoyed everything from the touristy things, such as checking out the nearby beaches, the streets of Hollywood, and of course a tour of the “castles” of the rich and famous.  Yet, what really lit a spark was our last morning.  We we made the hike up to the Hollywood sign.  Those steep Hollywood Hills weren’t the friendliest, but the view from the top made it all worth it!





Viva Las Vegas was our next stopping point.  As soon as that Strip popped up in the desert, I was blown away.  Even though we had less than 72 hours in this Sin City, we made the best of it.  Everything including riding the New York, New York roller-coaster, sipping drinks overlooking the city, and riding a gondola through the Venetian were all checked off the list.  However, we saved the best for last: snatching tickets to the amazing show of “O” by Circ de Soleil.






When we said goodbye to the life of luxury in hotels and greeted our tent again, all the frustrations of camping, such as our deflated air mattress, swarms of mosquitos, and shower shoes.  Yet, we couldn’t help but overlook these annoyances because of where we were.  We finally were able to say hello to The Grand Canyon.  This monstrous gap in the ground was as beautiful and immaculate as everyone prepared us it would be.  Even though I barely survived the hike back up, the views we were able to climb to were unforgettable.




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