Driving Down Highway 1

After saying goodbye to all of the little treasures we found throughout San Francisco (aka steep hills pilled with colorful houses, classic cable-cars, delicacy breads, crazy psychotic drivers, and of course gorgeous breathtaking views of Lady Golden Gate), it was time to take on Highway 1.  Even though I had taken this drive once before, I had almost forgotten just how beautiful this journey from Northern to Southern California was.

As we constantly turned the curves, new breathtaking views appeared.  Just five years ago, my sisters and I were huffing and puffing frustrated with my parents for having the desire to stop at EVERY single overlook on this drive.  This time, however, was different.  As a new viewpoint emerged, I found myself hopping out of my seat before even unbuckling my seatbelt.  The point I am trying to make (slowly but surely) is that for anyone who has not made this drive, DO IT.  I can guarantee not only satisfaction but exceeding any expectations you may have.

From the spectacular and hypnotizing views, to just breathing in nature, I enjoyed every minute of it. With the infinite stops we made, we transformed a 10 hour drive, into a two-day excursion. However, out of the 300 photos that were snapped, I’ve saved your time but only uploading around 20!











So yes, after a two-day adventure, we finally made it to Los Angeles…and celebrated our victory with a piled-high In-N-Out Burger and fresh-cut fries, while sipping on a strawberry shake to finish the day!

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