East to West, Coast to Coast

One week ago my alarm went off at 6 a.m. It was time to let the adventures begin.  Since then, 3500 miles have been driven, 9 states visited, and already a handful of memories have been made.  Needless to say, we’ve finally made it…Hello California!

On Day 1, the roads lead us to gorgeous beauties such as the New River Gorge in West Virginia all the way to the rolling vivacious hills in Kentucky. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky that night, since not only did our tent get soaked from the rain, but we woke up the next morning tossing and turning on rocks since our air mattress had deflated.  Little did we know that would be the first of several mornings waking up to mattress problems!







Just as the weather in Kentucky was unexpected, so was the drive to St. Louis, Missouri!  Before this trip, I had not heard much about this city, but I found quite a fancy for it.  We both were shocked by the beauty of the great arch itself and the treasures within the heart of the city; so we decided to just relax and spend a few hours exploring.  The exhausting day of driving had a surprisingly pleasant ending though, thanks to a couple of nice locally brewed cold ones!



Even though the next day was spent entirely driving through the never-ending fields of Kansas, the drive was worth every second for what came next.  Colorado!  This state instantly stole my heart.  From the thriving city life in Denver to the indescribable breathtaking Rocky Mountains, that certainly will not be my last visit.  I don’t know what it is about larger cities that captures me, increasing my desire to take the leap and make the move to one.  Whatever it is though, Denver was somewhere that struck that spark… once again.


Continuing on our journey, the next stop was Utah! Just as Colorado, Utah took my breath away.  When we ventured around the Arches National Park, I once again felt so inferior by the beauty of the mountains. The astounding views I was taking in left me with few words.  After a nearly 2 hour hike, we finally made it to our destination:  The Delicate Arch.





To top off such an amazing day, we decided to soak in a real natural hot-spring!  Man oh man was that a first…

The next day, we were hit hard with a reality check when the GPS read that we were about to spend 9.5 hours, aka 499 miles, driving the same road through the deserts of Nevada.  Yet the drive was not as torturous as imagined because of the constant scenery change.  Even though we have only been on the road for 7 days now, there has not been a time when we each weren’t taken back by the views outside our windows.  I wish my pictures justified just how truly beautiful some of the sites have been; yet neither pictures or words can describe just how breathtaking and charming our country truly is.






Finally after about 60 hours of sitting in a car, finishing the second book of the Hunger Games Series,  deflated air mattresses, 2 cop confrontations, and plenty of gas fill-ups later, we are safe and sound in San Francisco, California! Hopefully, this week will past by slowly than last.

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